Dating a bosnian man

When Bosnians feel like coffee, they don’t care where they stop; though they may have a favorite place or a favorite drink, it isn’t always a priority.

The center is taking part in a three-year initiative across Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia to educate young people about all forms of prevalent gender-based violence.

Coffee in Bosnia is nearly sacred and coffee time is never skipped.

we are in a long distance relationship right now and I noticed these past few months that he kept going out ( drinking with his brother as what he always said to me and recently went out for camping)... Human beings are individuals and should be evaluated as such.

Bosnians can sit for hours with their friends, talking about the news, daily gossip, or whatever information passed their ears that week, with a bosanska kafa situated in front of them.

When Americans first arrive in Bosnia, it may be a bit of a struggle adjusting to sitting down for coffee for so long, but soon they’ll find themselves boasting the amount of hours they’ve sat in those cafe chairs, conversing or working on small projects.

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