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But unfortunately, they raise serious questions to me about Grindr’s intention to regulate an atmosphere of disclosure of HIV punishment, and Grindr’s potential interest in perpetuating the false idea that if someone says that they are negative–than it must be true.As we know according to the CDC, one in eight of those living with HIV is not aware of being infected.I’ve been published on the ways the dating apps are actually helping us talk about HIV.And I covered the funny story of a large HIV nonprofit targeting these apps in a campaign, but I am concerned about the possible direction of creating an environment on Grindr, by Grindr, of not encouraging disclosure and creating a false sense of HIV prevention by filtering out those that honestly admit to living with HIV. Should Grindr allow users to filter out those that admit to living with HIV?Thus they aren’t on medication and aren’t reaching an undetectable level of the virus in their body – and are by definition infectious and potentially exposing others.I have been one of the few writing and publishing articles about HIV that have been less critical of gay dating (sex) apps.

I hate surveys but I tapped ‘ok.’ The questions that were asked all primarily revolved around HIV, and you all already know that I was all in.

You know how it goes: – You chat with someone – They turn out to be an idiot – You screenshot the chat and send it to your friend on Whatsapp So allow me to present some of my most epic fails in recent history.

(And when you’re done, check out other cool ones here) Want your own epic chat fails to be featured on this blog?

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