Pisces dating pisces compatibility

As a result, many born under this star sign are strongly intuitive and may also be creatively gifted.

At the same time, Pisceans' ability to readily empathize with others’ feelings gives them a lot of compassion for other people's suffering.

They both bring a touch of the elevated or enchanted to their surroundings.

This makes them sympatico, as they sense a similarly tuned-in outlook.

By Brian Palenske Pisces is a water sign - emotional, creative, and intuitive.

Cancer: As both of these signs are compassionate, emotive signs that feel their way through life, Cancer and Pisces make for one of the most compatible matches under the sun.Does this mean Pisces tends to be a bit undependable and lacking in practicality?Well okay, if you have your feet planted firmly on the ground, you might find this star sign’s unworldliness rather irritating.But if you’re tired of the mundane and you’re ready for lift-off, don’t hesitate to hitch a ride on a Pisces' magic carpet.As the MUTABLE WATER sign, Pisces tends to be emotionally adaptable, easily malleable, and receptive to inspiration from higher realms.

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Better open up your heart if you’re dating a Pisces!

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