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The video shows the men each removing their pants immediately upon entering the room and then climbing atop the bed.

Police say in the early morning hours on July 21 a woman said she heard some sort of fight outside her apartment in Colorado Springs. She then stepped in between the two groups and waited for the situation to calm down. citizens from Iraq, began talking to her and then offered her what she thought was lemonade. Police say she suffered significant internal injuries consistent with blunt force trauma and serious bodily injuries that they say they rarely see.Welcome to the Colorado Law section of Find Law's State Law collection.This section contains user-friendly summaries of Colorado laws as well as citations or links to relevant sections of Colorado's official online statutes.At one point, Quijada uses another garment to attack a lubricant stain left on the green bed sheet.Pierce, who provided the X-rated security video to TSG, said that the blue dress used as a post-sex clean-up rag was worn by his wife at the couple’s March wedding ceremony.

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Police say the victim was offered lemonade on July 21 after breaking up a fight outside her Colorado Springs apartment, and that’s the only thing she can remember.

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