Wpf datatemplate binding not updating

Another solution is to use the Content as in the first example, but add an explicit Data Context property to it before using any binding, something like this: In this case, though, you specify the Data Context as an ugly binding and, worst of all, you cannot set it via the Content Control, but you need to access the actual content.Perhaps another solution, one that would involve a custom Data Template Selector on the Content Control would work, but right now I have no perfectly satisfactory solution.A quick post here about using a Content Presenter (or a Content Control which uses a Content Presenter in its template) with its Content property.The intended usage of Content Presenter is to set the Content to some binding to a data object, then control the element tree via the Content Template property.If you declare a binding on the Content Presenter, the moment its content is set, the binding would be re-evaluated.

You can reuse a user control over and over and the logic is isolated from the general flow of your program. Custom control can be (and is sometimes are required to be) templated (for example, a Data Template). This is confusing to XAML developers because they are accustomed to binding to CLR properties that implement INotify Property Changed in their view models. A data binding source source CAN be a CLR-type property.Let’s say you try this: You will not receive an error for trying to set the user control’s data context.You will, however, discover that all data binding has stopped working. Rather than explain why this is happening, let me simply share the solution.What isn’t done in the code is passing information to set the value of any properties or custom properties. Like this: But that is a loads like this: With that data context set, you might try this: But this fails. After you change the type of property to a dependency property you can bind to the same property from the XAML of the user control and the XAML of the parent.Please note: the data context property of the user control inherits from the parent. But user controls don’t anticipate a data context type. Writing to one writes to the other and the dependency property itself keeps the coalesced value.

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